Missouri CMSA

Upcoming Events

We provide a place for all mounted shooters to learn, compete and grow in an encouraging, fun setting

The class format of our local events provides an opportunity to start small, compete with others at your same skill level and build on previous skills as you progress through the CMSA levels. 


Flying 45 Fun Shoot

June 29-30th, 2024

Join us for two days of chill, fun competition at our home arena! Three stages the first day, two the second day, with low entry fees and an optional ShootPony 4D jackpot. Backup location: Cooper County Fairgrounds right off I70.

Lots of other deets coming soon but the real news is we're having a traditional CMSA format shoot in central Missouri again! Compete within your skillset in your class and also get the option of hitting a D slot for payout too. 

Details here. 

Taco Bar Potluck

Gateway to the East(erns)

September 7-8th, 2024

This one is going to be a fun shoot! Two days, each with a separate DWPQ event! Three stages the first day, two the second with a total entry fee of $85 per day and an optional ShootPony 4D jackpot. An overnight venue with a shoot on your way to the CMSA Eastern US Championships, this is gonna be a good low-key event designed to help you get sharp for the big dance! 

Cooper County Fairgrounds is a nice big covered pen with 25 electric hookups for $25 per night first come first serve. Nice bathrooms and shower house, plan to bring generators and portable corrals.

BBQ Potluck

NEW Novice Horse/Rider Class

Offered at all MOCMSA Events

  • Novice entries will not shoot the patterns, simply run them

  • One minute time limit

  • Novice entries will run after shooters on each stage

  • $10 entry per stage

  • CMSA Membership required

  • No main match entry required

  • MM horses may cross over but must enter before shoot starts


Learning Opportunities

Suffice it to say we've seen some stuff  in over 20 years in this sport and we know exactly how to help you not scare the bejeebies out of your horse while becoming a mounted shooter. 

THANK YOU to all our participants and helpers!! We've had three full clinics and a fun workshop so far for the 2024 season, we may offer an additional one in the fall if we have interest. Please reach out. 

Riding Lessons

Scheduled on Demand

We do offer both individual and group lessons on mounted shooting and general horsemanship. These are less 'get your heels down' and more 'lets try this bit and see if it helps' kind of style.

We chose this sport for the deeper communication it requires of a horse and rider and that's always the end goal for us when helping people.

More info on the lessons page, contact us to set them up. 

Missouri CMSA

The Facility

The home base for MO CMSA is located seven miles north of I-70 and Columbia. Our arena is a 250 X 120 outdoor pen with excellent footing that is the location for most of our events. Since it's our home arena and free for us to use, I'm just gonna write something here that makes it sound cool, ok? Ok.
This private facility features a fully fenced property in a secluded valley setting with plenty of parking. A fun little woods hill trail to take with creek crossings, a 60ft shaded sand round pen and plenty of warm-up space next to the arena work well for new horses and mounted shooters in training. Note to self: I need to re-read that when I'm feeling too lazy to ride. 
We work hard to provide a laid back atmosphere that encourages collaboration and learning. If you're gonna be a jerk, get outta here with that jazz. If you're gonna scream corrections at people across the arena, be forewarned we may just silently hand you duct tape with a frowny face. Way different than cheering for each other, we have a lot of that! 
As with all outdoor pens, we're weather dependent. Please text Laura at 573-881-3833 or check our FB page for weather updates on events. I'll do my best not to vent to you about our great state's weather patterns when I respond. No promises. 
Note: We do have access to an all-weather covered arena for a backup for many of our events.