About our Sport

What is Mounted Shooting?

Mounted shooting is a thrilling and challenging sport that requires a combination of horsemanship, marksmanship, and agility. It originated from the skills of the Old West cowboys who had to handle firearms while on horseback. Today, it has evolved into a competitive sport that tests the rider's ability to navigate a course while accurately shooting at targets. 

  • Details:

    1. Firearms: Riders must use single-action revolvers with blank ammunition. The most popular is the Ruger New Vaquero 'Montado'.

    2. Holsters: Special holsters designed for mounted shooting are required to safely secure the firearms while riding.

    3. Ammunition: Blank ammunition specifically designed and certified for mounted shooting is used.

    4. Horsemanship: Strong horsemanship skills are essential for mounted shooting. Riders must have good control, balance, and communication with their horses.Any breed of horse can participate in mounted shooting, but they must be well-trained, responsive, and comfortable with gunfire.

  • Rules and Scoring:

    1. Safety: Safety is paramount in mounted shooting. Riders must follow strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of themselves, their horses, and spectators.

    2. Scoring: Scoring is based on a combination of time and accuracy. Courses are designed with a specific pattern that riders must navigate. Riders receive penalties for missed targets, course errors, or safety violations. 

    3. Divisions: Competitions have various divisions based on skill level, age, or other factors to ensure fair competition.

    4. Dress Code: Traditional Western attire, including cowboy hats, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots.