Missouri CMSA

Winter Riding Challenge

Seeking to get a jumpstart on the spring and summer mounted shooting competitions? Wanting extra motivation to get out there and spend quality time with your horse? Join us for a fun challenge to track your rides from February 1st to May 15th. The goal is to get a minimum of 40 rides in this time period, with an additional 20 'ground sessions' with your horse. Do this, and be entered to win a variety of prizes including Be Gutsy Jewelry, and mounted shooter logo'd tee shirts, hats and more. Prizes will be announced throughout the challenge. Be sure to join our MO CMSA group on Equilab.

Not only is this challenge FREE to join, but we'll send you a complimentary Missouri CMSA mounted shooting decal for registering!

First Name Last Name E-mail Phone Address City State Zip How many horses do you plan to compete in the challenge with? Enter the names of the horses you plan to compete with. What is your main goal of the challenge?
I understand that all tracking will be done through the Equilab (or equivalent tracking) app, and I will need to download its free version in order to participate.